Chillmed Premier Diabetic Travel Bag W/ Shoulder Strap. 11

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Chillmed premier: compared to the competition, this bag has better storage, better quality and a cold time of 24 hours. 24oz cold pack included. Only high quality parts have been put into this bag to last you for years to come. The chillmed premier is still skinny enough, at 3 inches when full, to easily fit in your carry-on luggage. It will accommodate several weeks of supplies and includes heavy waste bag for needles. The exterior of this bag is built with a high thread count offering more protection to your medications. This is one of the most insulated bags on the market offering more protection and extra hours of cold time. There are many extra pockets that are high quality mesh so you can see whats in each pocket. Several elastic bands to protect and hold test strips, lancets, and pens or vials. The outside mesh pocket will accommodate any size of your frio cooling wallets. (frio’s and supplies not included with purchase).

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