Bausch & Lomb Liposic Opthalmic Liquid Gel

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Liposic is a highly viscous, clear gel that spreads rapidly over the conjunctiva and cornea. It replaces all three layers of the tear film and forms a protective film with a long corneal contact time. Liposic is recommended for the relief of moderate to severe dry eye conditions. Average ph of 7.4, similar to natural tears the only ophthalmic gel that replicates all 3 layers of the tear film preservative well tolerated- cetrimide (0.01%)can be applied less frequently than drops patients can use day or nigh for mild to severe dry eyes.

Liposic Ophthalmic Gel is a highly viscous, clear gel that spreads rapidly over the conjunctiva and cornea leaving no streaks on the eye. The gel improves the moistening of the ocular surface in the presence of irritation, burning or tiredness of the eyes. For dry eye – nighttime.

  • Highly viscous, clear gel for mild to severe dry eyes
    ●Only gel that replicates all three layers of the tear film
    ●Average pH of 7.4 similar to natural tears
    ●Provides long-lasting relief without blurring

    One drop in the eye usually 3-5 times daily. Apply 10-15 minutes prior to inserting contact lenses.

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