Theralite Aura Bright Light Therapy Lamp – 10,000 Lux – Sun Lamp Mood Light To Fight Low Energy And Sunlight Deprivation

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Theralite Aura Bright Light Therapy Lamp – 10,000 Lux – Sun Lamp Mood Light To Fight Low Energy And Sunlight Deprivation Supports And Braces


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A mood and energy enhancing light therapy device. The TheraLite Aura wellness lamp is a perfect companion for those experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of light deficiency. Therapeutic 10000 LUX of comfortable glare-free white light provides effective relief while emitting NO UV! Bright light therapy is the first line of treatment recommended by health care professionals to help alleviate the Winter Blues. Light therapy is also a non-invasive effective option for treating jet lag,circadian sleep issues, shift work adjustment or non-seasonal mood disorders. 1. Why do research experts & medical doctors recommend Theralite manufactured by Carex Health Brands? Theralite, manufactured by Carex Health Brands, are from the family of lights used in clinical trials across North America since 1989. Day-Light technology was selected by Dr. Raymond Lam, Medical Director for the Mood Disorders Program at the University of British Columbia Hospital, for use in a three-year, 200-person controlled study of bright light therapy. Dr. Lam says he selected our lights because ?they use the latest technology, are of excellent quality, durability and aesthetics, and meet all recommended safety standards. The company also has a track record of dependability.? 2. What is bright light therapy? Bright light therapy uses daily, scheduled exposure to intense levels of artificial bright light.Researchers have deemed the fluorescent white light box as the ?gold standard? for bright light therapy. 3. What is bright light therapy used for? Researchers have studied bright light therapy for the treatment of: The Winter Blues ? Disrupted sleeping patterns ? Jet Lag/Shift Work Adjustment 4. What are the Winter Blues? The Winter Blues are a seasonal condition that can occur as days grow shorter. Symptoms may include: feeling down, moodiness, low energy, fatigue, lethargy, weight gain, social withdrawal or disrupted sleeping patterns.

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