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PICO-SALAX Cranberry Flavour Sachets – Effective Bowel Prep for Colonoscopy

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Prepare for your colonoscopy with PICO-SALAX Cranberry Flavour Sachets. This bowel prep medication is designed for adults and children to cleanse the colon before a colonoscopy procedure. By causing diarrhea, PICO-SALAX helps to clear your colon, enabling your doctor to get a clear view of the colon lining during the examination.

One of the advantages of PICO-SALAX is its low volume of prep solution, making it more convenient to consume. Available in both cranberry and orange flavours, PICO-SALAX allows you to drink recommended clear liquids at your own pace to maintain hydration throughout the prep process.

Each sachet of PICO-SALAX contains the following active ingredients:

  • Sodium Picosulfate 10.0 milligrams
  • Magnesium Oxide 3.5 grams
  • Citric Acid 12.0 grams

Please note that PICO-SALAX should not be taken if you have certain medical conditions or allergies as specified by your healthcare provider.

PICO-SALAX is a white powder packaged in sachets. To take PICO-SALAX, mix each sachet with 150 ml of cold water. It is recommended to consume 1.5 to 2 litres of a variety of clear liquids over 4 hours following each dose of PICO-SALAX.

Compared to other bowel prep therapies, PICO-SALAX allows you to consume less prep solution while staying hydrated with clear liquids of your choice. The onset of PICO-SALAX’s effects may vary from patient to patient, and it is essential to have easy access to a bathroom after taking PICO-SALAX.

PICO-SALAX Cranberry Flavour Sachets contain the same active ingredients and amounts as the American product Prepopik.

Prepare for your colonoscopy with PICO-SALAX Cranberry Flavour Sachets for effective bowel prep and clear visualization of your colon.

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