Pampers Baby Dry Diapers, Ultra Value Pack 210 Count

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3x drier* for all-night sleep protection. Up to 12 hours of overnight dryness. Sizes N, 1, and 2 have a color-changing Wetness Indicator. Available in sizes N, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

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Product Introduction:
Pampers® Baby-Dry™ Diapers are designed to provide all-night sleep protection for your baby. With 3 Extra Absorb Channels™, these diapers distribute wetness evenly and lock it away better. Sizes N, 1, and 2 come with a color-changing Wetness Indicator, making it easier for you to know when it’s time for a change. Available in sizes N, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, these diapers offer up to 12 hours of overnight dryness.

– Up to 12 hours of overnight dryness: Pampers Baby-Dry diapers keep your baby dry and comfortable throughout the night.
– Locks away wetness into 3 Extra Absorb Channels™: The unique design of these diapers helps distribute wetness evenly and locks it away for maximum protection.
– 3 layers of absorbency: These diapers have three layers that pull liquid away from your baby’s skin, keeping them dry and happy.
– 3x drier* for all-night sleep protection: Pampers Baby-Dry diapers are three times drier compared to the leading value brand, ensuring your baby gets a good night’s sleep.
– All-around stretchy sides for a comfortable fit: The diapers have stretchy sides that provide a snug and comfortable fit for your baby.
– Wetness Indicator: Available on sizes N, 1, and 2, the Wetness Indicator lets you know when your baby might need a diaper change.
– Soft like cotton: The diapers are soft and gentle on your baby’s skin, providing them with the utmost comfort.
– Breathable layers: The breathable layers in these diapers keep your baby’s skin dry and happy.

1. Lay your baby down on a clean, flat surface.
2. Open the diaper and slide it under your baby, with the back of the diaper covering their bottom.
3. Fasten the diaper snugly but not too tight, ensuring a comfortable fit.
4. Check the Wetness Indicator regularly to know when it’s time for a diaper change.
5. Dispose of the used diaper properly.

*Based on size 4 vs. the leading value brand. Average of 0.19 grams less after 3 typical wettings over 15 min.

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