Oral-B Super Floss Pre-Cut Strands Dental Floss, Mint, 50 Count, Pack of 2

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Oral-B Super Floss, the #1 Dentist Recommended Brand, is perfect for braces, bridges, and wide spaces. With a stiffened-end threader, spongy floss, and regular floss, it removes plaque effectively. Get 100 pre-cut strands in a refreshing mint flavor.


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Oral-B Super Floss Pre-Cut Strands Dental Floss

Experience the ultimate dental care with Oral-B Super Floss. Designed to meet the unique needs of braces, bridges, and wide spaces, this dental floss provides exceptional cleaning and plaque removal for a healthy smile.

Key Features:

  • Stiffened-End Dental Floss Threader: The stiffened end allows you to floss under appliances like braces and bridges with ease, ensuring thorough cleaning and gum health.
  • Spongy Floss: The spongy-floss component is specially designed to clean around appliances and in wide spaces, reaching areas that regular floss may miss.
  • Regular Floss: With regular floss, you can effectively remove plaque under the gumline, promoting gum health and preventing dental issues.
  • 100 Pre-Cut Strands: Each pack contains 100 pre-cut strands of dental floss, providing convenience and ensuring you have an adequate supply for your oral care needs.
  • Mint Flavor: Enjoy a refreshing and pleasant experience while flossing, thanks to the mint flavor that leaves your mouth feeling fresh.

Instructions for Use:

Bridges, Braces, Implants, and Wide Spaces:

  1. Using the stiffened end, thread the spongy-floss between teeth and appliances or through wide spaces.
  2. With a soft back-and-forth motion, remove bacterial plaque by cleaning around appliances and in wide spaces.
  3. Pull the spongy-floss through to the regular floss section.
  4. Gently slide the regular floss under the gumline using an up-and-down motion to help remove plaque.

Regular Teeth:

  1. Gently slide regular floss between teeth and under the gumline.
  2. Clean under the gumline as directed above.
  3. Use a fresh section of floss for every tooth, ensuring thorough cleaning and optimal oral hygiene.

Oral-B Super Floss is the trusted choice of dentists worldwide. Take your oral care routine to the next level with this exceptional dental floss that ensures a clean, healthy mouth and a confident smile.

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