Opti-free Puremoist Evermoist Solution Twin Pack

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Opti-free pure moist is a multi-purpose disinfecting solution for comfort and moisture from insertion to removal.removes protein deposits and reduces lipid deposition for silicone hydrogel and soft contact lenses.cleans.recondition.rinses.disinfects.stores.sterile.directions: 1. Thoroughly wet each side of the lens with solution2. Rub the lens for 20 seconds3. Rinse each side of the lens for 10 seconds with a steady stream of solution4. Fill lens case with fresh solution and place lenses in case5. Store lenses in the closed lens case overnight or at least for 6 hours6. After soaking, lenses are ready to wearingredients: opti-free puremoist multi-purpose disinfecting solution is a sterile, buffered, aqueous solution containing sodium citrate, sodium chloride, boric acid, sorbitol, aminomethylpropanol, disodium edta, two wetting agents (tetronic 1304 and hydraglyde** moisture matrix [eobo-41 – polyoxyethylene-polyoxybutylene]) with polyquad** (polyquaternium-1) 0.001% and aldox** (myristamidopropyl dimethylamine) 0.0006% preservatives, hydraglyde moisture matrix is a proprietary multi-functional block copolymer that is primarily designed for wetting and lubricating silicone hydrogel lenses.tamper evident: for your protection, this bottle has an imprinted seal around the neck. Do not use if the seal is damaged or missing at time of purchase. Remove imprinted seal around bottleneck completely before use. If you are allergic to any of the above ingredients, do not use this product. Warning: reuse of solution or use of water with lenses may lead to contamination resulting in eye injury and potential loss of vision. See package insert inside carton for complete instructions and additional important safety information.

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