Hydralyte Electrolyte Maintenance Powder Lemonade Flavour

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“Hydralyte Electrolyte Maintenance Powder Lemonade Flavour rapidly restores fluid and electrolytes.Prevents dehydration due to vomiting, diarrhea, heavy sweating, fever, vigorous exercise and hot or dry conditions. Hydralyte is free from : sodium saccharine, gluten, lactose. Hydralyte is low in carbohydrates (glucose). Directions for use:1. Empty the contents of one sachet into 200 ml of fresh, cold drinking water (for babies under 6 months, use cool boiled water). Stir the mixture until Hydralyte has dissolved.2. Sip slowly and frequently while symptoms persist.3. Discard unused solution after 6 hours or 24 hours if refrigerated.Only mix with water. Continue with breast or formula feeding of infants between sips of Hydralyte.Recommended Dosage:Vomiting and diarrheaAge: Take in first 6 hoursMaximum per dayunder 12 months400-600 ml1300 mlAge: 1-3 years7001000 ml,1900 mlAge: 3-6 years1000-1400 ml2600 mlAge: 6-12 years1800-2400 ml3900 mlAge: 12 years-adult3000-3600 ml6600 mlDehydration due to other causesDrink Hydralyte when thirsty or exhibiting the signs of dehydration.10-13 years: take 1-4 sachets per day13 years-adult: take 1-7 sachets per dayFor up to 3 days. For prolonged dehydration see your doctor.Start taking Hydralyte to prevent dehydration on the first signs of fluid loss.Active ingredients : Sodium chloride……………… 2.6 mg/mL Potassium citrate (monohydrate)………… 2.2 mg/mL Citric acid (anhydrous)……………. 4.4 mg/mL Glucose (anhydrous)…………….14.5 mg/mL Non Active Ingredients :Sucralose, Natural Flavour.Hydralyte is free from: sodium saccharine, gluten, lactose. Hydralyte is low in carbohydrates (glucose).Caution : Consult your physician if: vomiting, diarrhea or fever persists for longer than 24 hours; the child is under two years; you have medical problems relating to kidney, heart or gastrointestinal function, blood pressure, or show signs of severe dehydration including shock, or are unable to drinkShould you require consultation with a pharmacist, you maycontact our Well.ca Pharmacist .

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