GUM Crayola Twistables Dental Flossers

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Introduce your kids to flossing with GUM Crayola Twistables Flossers. These fun and colorful flossers feature twisted dental floss that easily slides between teeth, coated with fluoride and three exciting fruit flavors. The long handles make it easy for kids to grip and reach all parts of their mouth for a thorough cleaning. Shred-resistant and designed for smaller hands, these flossers are perfect for ages 3 and up.

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Introduce your children to the fun of flossing with GUM Crayola Twistables Flossers. Designed with kids’ dental health in mind, these flossers make flossing a fun activity that kids look forward to, while also delivering an effective between-teeth cleaning to boost the health of their teeth and gums.

The twisted dental floss included in these flossers easily slides between teeth, and it’s coated with fluoride to help prevent tooth decay. Plus, the three exciting fruit flavors – watermelon, grape, and apple – make daily flossing more enjoyable.

These flossers are also shred-resistant and durable, so they can withstand the rigors of kids’ teeth and gums. The long handles are designed for smaller hands to provide a better grip and more control as they maneuver throughout their mouths.

Incorporating GUM Crayola Twistables Flossers into your child’s daily oral care routine helps promote healthy habits and maintain a healthy smile. So why not make flossing fun and easy with GUM Crayola Twistables Flossers?

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