Glysomed Frequent User Hand Cream 200 mL

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Softens, Smoothes & Renews. Dermatologist Recommended. Non-Animal Tested.

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Product Introduction:
Your skin is important, from your head to your toes. Glysomed Frequent User Hand Cream helps you take care of what’s important – all year long. This dermatologist-recommended hand cream provides the moisture and protection that your hands, body, and feet love. No matter the weather or environmental conditions, Glysomed is here to help. From dry, itchy skin to skin conditions like eczema, Glysomed is specially formulated to provide relief and nourishment.

– Trusted skincare brand: Glysomed is known for its hardworking skincare products that moisturize, soften, and soothe even the roughest, driest skin.
– Long-lasting hydration: Glysomed Frequent User Hand Cream is designed to provide long-lasting hydration, keeping your skin moisturized throughout the day.
– Dermatologist recommended: This hand cream is recommended by dermatologists, ensuring its effectiveness and safety for your skin.
– Non-animal tested: Glysomed is committed to cruelty-free skincare. Our products are not tested on animals, so you can feel good about using them.

1. Apply a small amount of Glysomed Frequent User Hand Cream to your hands.
2. Massage the cream into your skin, focusing on dry or rough areas.
3. Reapply as needed, especially after washing your hands or exposure to harsh conditions.

– Chamomile: Known for its soothing properties, chamomile helps calm and nourish the skin.
– Glycerine: A powerful moisturizing ingredient that helps hydrate and soften the skin.

Experience the difference with Glysomed Frequent User Hand Cream. Say goodbye to dry, rough hands and hello to soft, smooth, and renewed skin. Trust Glysomed to keep your skin healthy and moisturized all year round.

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