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Drysol is a topical antiperspirant treatment for excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) of the arms, hands, and feet. It also eliminates the unpleasant odor (Deodorant) associated with this condition. For patients suffering from hyperhidrosis, or patients whose jobs or sports activities cause excessive sweating that exacerbates other skin problems.

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Drysol™, with its unique formula, is one of the most effective topical anti-perspirant for excessive sweating that contains a special ingredient: Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate ACH, with a 98% proven efficacy in controlling sweat and a 30% reduction in sweat volume. Drysol™, ACH, is a clinically proven first-line therapy in Hyperhidrosis and Excessive sweating and is one of the best antiperspirants for excessive sweating. Drysol™ has Canadian Dermatology Associations’ Skin Health Program (CDA) approval.
The better result with a reasonable cost – Drysol is one the most economical clinical strength antiperspirant in the market today. You only need to apply once a day at bedtime (After 3 days, if your sweat stopped, you can reduce the application to once/twice a week). One bottle can last up to 4 months! Excessive sweating can affect many parts of the body with various types of sweat. Drysol offers different strengths and Dab-on and solution formats for various affected areas such as the underarms, sweaty hands, forehead, soles of feet, skin folds, and sweating in groin area and inner thighs. Drysol has 5 different strengths and forms; please review the product descriptions to see what best matches your needs. For more information about the product, please contact your healthcare provider.

ACH is clinically proven to be more effective and works by creating a larger plug in the pore filling it more effectively. Fast-acting protection. Non-staining and unscented. Offers wetness protection within 48 hours of application. Can apply wearing all types of clothing without any embarrassing white marks.

• Dry the skin completely before application (Wait at least 2 hours after bathing or showering apply Drysol) • Apply once a day at bedtime. (After 3 days, if your sweat stopped, you can reduce application to once/twice a week) • If using DRYSOL Dab On, apply to the affected area using the Dab On applicator, do not rub in • Wash the treated area with soap and water the following day.
12% Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate (ACH) in Anhydrous Ethyl Alcohol

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