Candorvision Hylo Gel Lubricating Eye Drops

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Offers strong and long lasting dry eye relief without impairment of vision.features: offers immediate comfort and long lasting dry eye relief.preservative free and usually very well tolerated.phosphate free, avoiding complications like deposits in the cornea. Suitable for post-surgery treatment.directions: dispenses approximately 300 equally-sized drops. Each bottle can be used for 6 months after opening. Suitable for long-term treatment. Hylo gel should be used according to your personal feeling and/or the instructions given by your doctor, ophthalmologist, optometrist, optician or contact lens specialist. Normally, you insitill one drop of hylo gel three times a day into each eye. If necessary, it can be used more frequently.contains: 2 mg/ml sodium hyaluronate, citrate buffer, sorbitol, water.caution: only use hylo gel if the seal of the folding carton is intact. If you use any other eye drop medication or eye ointment, please allow at least 30 minutes between applications. If you use other eye drop medications, apply them before applying hylo gel. If you use other eye ointments, administer those after applying hylo gel. Hylo gel should not be used if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients. In very rare cases hypersensitive reactions like burning or excessive tearing have been reported which stopped immediately when the use of hylo gel was discontinued.

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