Aerochamber Plus Flow-vu With Small Mask

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Aerochamber Plus Flow-vu With Small Mask Home Health Care


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For infants up to 1 yearaerochamber plus flow-vu anti-static valved holding chamber (avhc) is a device available by prescription only for patients who may have difficulty in the coordination and control of using metered dose inhalers effectively. If patients have trouble using metered dose inhalers, the medication that the metered dose inhalers dispense may end up on the tongue, on the back of the throat, or in the air rather than in the lungs. Aerochamber plusflow-vu (avhc) helps metered dose inhaler medications to be inhaled properly.a puffer contains two things: the medication and the propellant that carries the medication to the lungs. Aerosol therapies are effective because they act quickly and with few side-effects. Aerochamber plus flow-vu with small mask features & benefits:flow-vu ifi feature allows caregivers to count patient breaths, ensure a satisfactory facemask seal, coordinate actuation with inhalation and feel secure in knowing they are using proper techniqueaerochamber brand is the most widely recognized and most recommended valved holding chamber in the worldpatented chamber design maximizes the suspension time for aerosol medications, enhancing fine particle delivery to the lungs reducing side effects like bad taste and hoarsenessfull line of products with features specifically designed for the needs of each patientfeedback mechanisms that encourage proper technique and virtually eliminates the guesswork associated with aerosol drug deliverylatex-free comfortseal mask minimizes dead space and provides a comfortable, secure fitez flow exhalation valve offers superior responsiveness while ensuring safe and secure exhalation away from face and eyes.

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