CTC Healthcare Canada, July 05, 2022 joins with the innovative Victoria-based biotech company Ultraspec Lab to announce the approval of CTC Healthcare Premium NMN by Health Canada for NPN (Natural Product Number) NPN number is 80117965. CTC Healthcare Premium NMN is a multi-ingredients product containing nature-based metabolic component which has caught the attention of health-conscious consumers for supporting energy and longevity protein activation (Sirtuin 1-7).

The quest to age healthily and longevity protein (Sirtuin 1-7) activation is surging among health-conscious consumers.

NMN supplements are highly sought-after for healthy aging applications, including brain health, vitality, heart health, metabolic health, and even cosmetics. However, current NMN products on the market mostly causing CD38 related side effects, CTC Healthcare Premium NMN overcomes this issue with ingredient CiNMNTM produced based on innovative research results from Ultraspec Lab.

While consumers are exploring dietary supplements for a holistic approach to health, they are also demanding premium ingredients from their supplements, and moving away from synthetic ingredients. CTC Healthcare Premium NMN’s fermentation-derived CiNMNTM opens new opportunities for consumers’ health while acquiring a closer-to-nature position.