Baby Foot Deep Skin Exfoliation For Men Mint Scented

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Baby Foot Deep Skin Exfoliation For Men Mint Scented Foot


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Deep skin exfoliation for soft smooth feetfeatures:mint scentedmade with 16 specially formulated with natural & fruit extractssuitable for men sizes 4-14deep skin exfoliation spa treatment at homethe original foot peel since 1997directions: after cleansing your feet, place one sock pack on each foot. Secure the socks with the included adhesive tapes, around each ankle. Elevate your feet, relax with the sock packs on your feet for one hour. Rub the sock packs all around your feet to allow feet to absorb the treatment. After 1 hour, remove the sock packs (throw out packs)and wash your feet well with soap. The dead skin cells on your feet will begin to peel within 7-10 days after the application. Your feet could continue to peel naturally up to 2 weeks after you begin to peel. Everyone’s feet are different depending on the amount of dead skin cells you have built up on your feet. Babyfoot will leave your feet soft and smooth, just like a baby’s foot. :)ingredients: aqua(water),alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, glycolic acid, lactic acid, arginine, parfum,hydroxyethylcellulose, peg-60,hydrogenated castor oil, butylene glycol, glucose, sodium nitrate, citric acid,malic acid, citrus aurantium dulcis peel oil, citrus grandis peel oil, glyoxal, disodium phosphate, cymbopogon schoenanthus oil, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, hedera helix leaf/stem extract, chamomilla recutita flower extract, articum lappa root extract, citrus limon fruit extract, clematis vitalba leaf extract, equisetum arvense extract, fucus vesiculosus extract, nasturtium officinale leaf/stem extract, salvia officinalis leaf extract, saponaria officinalis leaf extract, spiraea ulmariaflower extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, houttuynia cordata extract, salicylic acid, phenoxyethanol, o-cymen-5-ol, limonenewarning: do not use this product *if you are a diabetic * if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this product * if you have any open sores on your feet or ankles* if you are using any other foot treatment product products already. When using this product * babyfoot recommends you stay seated during one hour treatment to prevent slipping * keep gel away from the eyes * if you experience any rash, itching, redness, swelling, irritation or inflammation, wash your feet extremely well and seek the advice of a doctor. After use of babyfoot * do not apply any other products to your feet until your feet have stopped peeling the dead skin cells * if the skin on your feet becomes too dry to handle moisturizer may be applied * do not forcibly remove the dead skin from your feet, let them peel naturally. Keep out of reach of children at all times * do not expose the product to extreme high or low temperatures. Avoid exposing to direct sunlight.

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